We’d like to start by saying how much we appreciate this opportunity to work with you.

In this document we’ll tell you about our platform; the number of visitors and their demographics; our values and methods; and what we find important in working together.

About us

De Videomakers is a company founded by Grietje Evenwel and Riske de Vries in 2016.

Simply put, we help people make better videos. We give tips about shooting, editing, presenting, YouTube, microphones, cameras, and much more. We do this on our own YouTube channel, “de Videomakers,” and, of course, on our website.

All of our content is in Dutch, as we found that there are plenty of similar channels and websites in the English language, but hardly any in Dutch. At this time, we are the largest Dutch channel with a focus on videography.


We enter partnerships because we really like a certain brand, company, or service. We work together with companies when we have positive experiences with them—for example, when they have a good customer service. We also work with specific brands because we trust them, we own gear by that brand, or because we’re curious about their products.

In short, we only work with partners that we would truly recommend to our audience.

Partnerships we are interested in

On our own channels:

We’re open to receiving, without obligation, products or services that fit our area of expertise. We enjoy trying new stuff. When we like it, we’ll share our new find on our channels. We keep the products so we can continue using them in our videos and articles, and recommend them whenever appropriate.

When we don’t like a product or service (enough), we’ll return the product or quit the service.

Our rules:

  • We don’t accept payment for content we publish on our channels, such as videos, articles, or social media posts. This is important to us, because we want to remain independent; when a third party pays us for creating content, they inevitably have input into what we say. We want to make sure that whatever happens, we keep running this show ourselves, so our viewers can depend on our words being ours.
  • We decide when and how we show a product or service on our channel. When we like a product or service, chances are it will appear more than once—whenever we think mentioning the product is relevant—in all kinds of videos and articles. Some examples can be found below, in “Examples of previous partnerships.”
    • This means we don’t accept mandatory hashtags, a minimum number of posts, mandatory backlinks, etc.
  • We will state in our content that the mentioned product or service is part of a partnership with a company or brand. It’s important to us to be transparent about this, so, for example, we’ll tell our audience that we obtained a certain product without charge, and name the company from which we received it. We’ll also communicate that we weren’t paid for our opinions.
  • When we link to the product in our articles, we’ll link to your website, if possible. These links will always be “no-follow” links.
  • We are always honest: in our mention of the product, we’ll discuss what we like about it, but we also inform our audience about any details we don’t like.
  • We won’t associate ourselves exclusively with one company or brand. We will always keep the possibility open to choose to (also) work with other companies within the same area of expertise.
  • We really like giving our community something extra from time to time. If it’s possible to organize a giveaway with one of your products, that would be a great bonus.

On channels of others:

We also appear on others’ channels as “de Videomakers.” We enjoy being asked to appear as video experts, to share tips, to shoot or present a video, to be reporters, or to be involved in another way.

When an idea appeals to us, we’re happy to discuss the options. For this kind of partnership, we do charge a fee. The amount depends on the purpose and subject matter of the video or article, so we will make an offer specific to each situation.


Examples of previous partnerships

Partnerships on our channels:

Mafico has provided us with (among other things) the Rode Wireless Go transmitter set. We loved this little set and shared it on both our YouTube channel and website. You can see examples in these videos and articles (in Dutch):

Because we now own the Rode set (and still love it), it might appear in even more content in the future when we talk about microphones and when we find it relevant to mention this set again.

Another example is the Sony ZV-1 vlog camera that we received from CameraNU, a Dutch camera reseller. We were given one camera to keep, and one to give away to our audience. We organized a giveaway on YouTube (see the video below) and Instagram. In one week, the video got 4000 views and 900 comments; the Instagram post got 500 likes and 700 comments.

On channels of others:

We appeared, for example, on Simyo’s Youtube channel, where Grietje gave tips about shooting, and on a livestream of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, where Riske gave tips on using video as an entrepreneur.

Our statistics

  • Subscribers: 26,000+
  • Unique viewers per month: 49,000+
  • Video views per month: 92,000+
  • Where our viewers come from: Netherlands, 73.2%; Belgium, 20.2%
  • Watch time: 7,000+ hours per month
  • Age: 81% of our audience is 18 to 54 years old
  • Unique visitors each month: 21,000+
  • Where our audience comes from: Netherlands, 86%; Belgium, 12%


Thank you for reading

We hope to have given you a clear insight into the way in which we work with partners. If this is something that interests you, we would love to hear from you.

de Videomakers,

Riske & Grietje